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The Fintan retailer's pricing structure offers the "the forgotten: shattered lives" TPB at a 50% discount, and for every four trades ordered off our site, retailers will receive the fifth free!

You pay $23.90 to us for a retail value of $59.75!

(Discount structure does not include shipping media mail. Please scroll down for shipping info)

The Fintan Studios TPB the forgotten: shattered lives Cold Cut Distribution # is FGTNT01. This TPB collects the original series, plus the following extras to entice customers to purchase:

* A foreword by Don MacPherson *

* Annotation of real-life Philadelphia-area settings from the story *

* A new pinup by John Forcucci *

* An introductory short story by Evan Young *

* All original covers *

* Preview artwork of an upcoming series *

"Fintan Studios' online ordering system is easy to use, and the books I ordered arrived quickly and in great condition--and at a good discount! Thank you!"

- Amanda Fisher, owner of The Splash Page, Missoula


Retail stores are the gateway through which comic books must travel to get to the reading public; retailers are essential to the growth and survival of the comic book industry.

We here at Fintan Studios seek to foster the healthiest possible relationship between proactive, independent-friendly retail stores and our studio by way of accessibility, stability and responsibility.

We are open to any and all suggestions, and are more than willing to address any issues that you, as a retailer, may have on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is the same as yours: to sell comic books.

Please check back with us often to see what's new on the retail front.

Issue 1

"…Fintan Studios makes a lot of crazy promises about their premiere book, the forgotten… you can imagine my surprise when they lived up to every one of them…"

- Randy Lander

the 4th Rail

Issue 2

"…the forgotten actually makes for a better read than some of the books it was clearly influenced by. Fintan Studios is promising a professional series delivered on time, and they've kept their word so far…"

- Alan David Doane

Comic Book Galaxy

Issue 3

"…the forgotten is one of a current crop of ambitious, independently produced comics that easily rival the artistic quality and readability of much of what the big four are publishing…"

- Andrew Duncan

4-Color Review

Issue 4

"…the writers have set up an intricate series of dominoes, and it's been a pleasure to watch them fall… It's the ultimate culmination of the quietly dark storytelling…"

- Don MacPherson

the Fourth Rail

Special info about the forgotten and Fintan Studios:

The "high concept" behind the forgotten is: a man exists who can make people - anyone he sees, anyone he meets - forget about him.

The audience is: anyone who enjoys noir, crime fiction/mystery stories with a touch of the supernatural, along the lines of Astro City, Powers, Hellblazer and M. Night Shyamalan movies.

Marketing efforts to promote the book include banner ad rotations and a story on the Comicon website; advertising in Comic Shop News; a press release campaign on the day of the release; signings in New York and Philadelphia and the Philadelphia area; and upcoming coverage in the Philadelphia City Paper.

The form below is being provided for your ordering convenience. Simply fill out the fields (be sure to include any additional comments if you have them!) and your order will be promptly sent along with an invoice.

Also: Fintan Studios is offering all retailers fourpacks of "the forgotten" for $4.00 each (not including shipping). A single package with an $11.35 retail value for just $4.00 - a 65% discount for the original back issues!

Shipping costs are variable depending on the quantity of books ordered. A single fourpack/TPB would be $1.42 in shipping; two fourpacks/trades would scale up to $1.84. As of yet, the cost of shipping five TPBs is unknown; however, we will certainly inform you ahead of time as to this cost after you place your order. Shipping costs will be included on the invoice. Fintan studios understands that shipping economically is to everyone's advantage; we use media mail for all our shipping.

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