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the forgotten

All the latest news for October:


Been a long while since we've had an update... Just got a cool review in from Marc Mason at Movie Poop Shoot in his "Should it be a Movie?" column. Great stuff - and we agree with Marc, by the way. You just might see a movie yet...


Off to San Diego Comic-con International. If you're going to the convention, check us out in the small press area, number R5. See ya there!


Many thanks to Patrick Neighly for the interview at Newsarama. Things are moving along, and we hope to have preview pages from artist Jason Baroody posted here soon.


Call it official, now. the forgotten: charitable causes, volume II of the series will be a 48-page color one-shot written by Evan Young and Jareth Grealish and drawn by Jason Baroody, with an anticipated release date of July 22nd, 2004. Fintan Studios: ain't no half-steppin' in our third straight publishing year.


It's almost official - the forgotten will be hitting the shelves again, this time with an all-new second story. The format: one-shot, 48-pages in full color. The artist: no commitments yet, but it is looking like a fella named Jason Baroody is stepping up to the plate to supply the artwork. The story: ahh... top secret. It is, after all, a mystery title... check it often for updates, and we'll keep bringing you the latest.


Links page update: now including writers from the comic book writer's forum.


It's (at least semi-) official: Evan is 25,000 words deep on THE FORGOTTEN... in novel form. If he's not done by the summer, heads will roll. So if you like books instead of this comic book kid's stuff, help Evan find a publisher.


Welcome to the New Year! We hope you had a great holiday and are as excited as we are for 2004. We are working on putting out something new - stay tuned for more details and updates as they come along.


Cold Cut distribution is here. For all interested retailers, the CC number is: FGTNT01.


Looks like the trade paperback will be getting distributed by Cold Cut. More on this as we have the details...


Jareth and Evan will be doing a signing this Saturday at Wade's Comic Madness (8750 New Falls Road, Levittown, PA; 215-946-9381), so check us out and pick up a copy of the trade in person!


A nice review from comic blogger Laura Gjovaag just came in. Her blog is worth checking out, as well, for its reviews and opinions. Go here for the review, and here for the blog.


Lots of things, the biggest of which is... THE TRADE PAPERBACK IS OUT! Go to your local comic shop and buy it!

In other news, our site was down for a few days recently, and we tried to get it back up as quickly as possible. For anyone who got turned away, we apologize, and we are glad you're here now.

And lastly, for anyone going to the Ithicon up in Ithaca, Jareth will be in attendance, so please drop him an email and check out the show.

Retail store owners will be happy to note that our TPB is being offered at a 50% discount, and with a pricing structure of buy four get the fifth free! Retailers can click here to check out our special online ordering form.


Printer troubles! If you have preordered the trade paperback, we're sorry to say that unavoidable problems at the printer have set us back by about three weeks, which means that the trade will be shipping late. However, don't worry! It's at a reliable printer as we speak, and will be on the shelves and in your hands in mid-August.


Back from the con, and what a great time it was. Rest assured, there are many exciting things in the future for Fintan and "the forgotten," but we can't tell you anything yet. Stay tuned.


Off to San Diego! More updates when we return...


"REMEMBER the forgotten" - a headline news story running on the web about NYC prom dresses.


A new interview with us is up at ORCAFresh. Click through and check it out. Special thanks to Rick Olney for the questions.


The tickets are paid and the plans are made... Jareth and Evan will be in San Diego for Comic-Con International!


New on the website: Preorder your own copy of the forgotten; shattered lives TPB off our site and get a 25% discount! That's $9.00 total for the trade, and we'll cover the shipping! This offer can only be found right here on our site using Paypal. For this deal, click here!


Evan has opened the comic book writer's forum on Delphi. If you are interested and would like an invitation (closed to press and the general public), email Evan.


Update for retailers: Now added to the for retailers section: lots of pdfs! Get a shelftalker, Fintan and "forgotten" logos, sample pages and the cover for the trade right off our site!


Big news! Don MacPherson of the internet comic reviewing site the Fourth Rail has agreed to write the foreword for the trade! Thanks, Don! Don's original reviews of the series were right on the mark, and we're ecstatic that he's taken the time to add his two cents to the beginning of our book.

And don't forget... The May 2003 PREVIEWS is still in stores, and you can find the solicitation info for the trade paperback of the forgotten in the green section under Fintan Studios, Diamond product # MAY032254. Check it out, and get your retailer to preorder it!

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Last updated: 10/11/04

Above: the TPB cover design for the forgotten: shattered lives

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